Combining 5-star turnover cleaning and streamlined local support to set a new standard in turnover management. 

Our standard service offering - delivering a premium experience.
Our Peak Plus+ service is perfect for the out-of-state or hands-off owner that loves high-level management and guest hospitality - but needs a little extra local support. 

As your local partner, we're here to help. 

What is Peak Plus+?

The Peak Plus+ package was created specifically to offer more value to clients needing a little extra local help. By bundling our linen rental program, ongoing laundry services, inventory restocking, and 5-star turnover cleaning, we are able to create valuable efficiencies to make this the easiest and most streamlined turnover service for your vacation rental operation. 

What is Included in Plus+?

  • Automated calendar sync

  • Linen & Towel Rental (w/ offsite laundry)

  • All consumable inventory supplies

  • Monthly Property Audit

  • Ongoing repair coordination

Linen & Towel Rental

Managing linens, towels, and laundry for a vacation rental can be such a headache! On average, it costs owners ~$600 up front for multiple sheet sets and enough towels to accommodate guests. And what happens when these items get torn or stained? 

Not to mention, handling all that laundry in your personal machines means more wear-and-tear and higher water bills. Let's face it - you're not a hotel. And you shouldn't have to operate like one!


Fortunately, we CAN provide that hotel quality service. Our Linen Rental Program is set up so that you as the owner NEVER have to purchase, replace, stock, or even think about linens for your guests. 


So how does it work?

During turnover service, we bring our freshly laundered Peak owned linens and towels and make your home guest-ready. We then take the dirty laundry from the previous guests with us and handle it off-site. This also means we can get the job done quicker with no laundry wait-time at your property - perfect for same-day turnovers!

The best part? The Linen Rental Program is included as part of Peak Plus+ and is just one of many benefits included in a flat monthly price. 


In addition to turnover laundry, we know managing and restocking inventory can be a hassle. With Peak Plus+​, we include all inventory necessities: soaps, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, dish soap, dish sponges, dishwasher pods, and laundry pods. 

We ensure these items are always fully-stocked for guests - and when it's time to reorder and replenish, we take care of that too. All included in a flat monthly price.

*For an additional fee, we can also purchase and restock coffee, wine, welcome baskets, and other speciality items. 

Plus+ More...

Also included in Peak Plus+ is home repair coordination and dispatching. We utilize our preferred vendors to resolve any issues that arise (up to a $ amount that the owner approves).

Additionally, the Peak Plus+ package includes an initial inventory check: 

– When we onboard the property, we will use our thorough checklist to determine if all guest amenities are available in the home and inform the owner if anything is still needed.

Finally, this premium package includes a once monthly property audit: 

– During the audit, we check for items such as: air filters, lightbulbs, smoke detector batteries, repair items needed, overall cleanliness (is deep clean needed?), inventory checklist (any missing items? Supplies fully stocked?)

What does Plus+ cost?

We don't require any contracts but look forward to a long-term partnership together!


Plus+ is set up as a flat monthly fee depending on the size of your home. Rates range from $299/mo for 1-2 bedroom homes, $399/mo for 3-4 bedroom homes, and $499 for 5-6 bedroom homes. 

As a reminder, this monthly fee eliminates the need for you to purchase and maintain towels, linens, laundry, and consumable supplies - all of these, plus more, are included in the monthly service fee!

*Turnover cleaning services are priced per turnover and charged separately. 

How can I sign up for Plus+?

Click here to schedule a call with our team: Peak Plus+ Call