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Combining 5-star turnover cleaning and streamlined local support to set a new standard in turnover management. 

Our standard service offering - delivering a premium experience.
Our Peak Plus+ service is perfect for the out-of-state or hands-off owner that loves high-level management and guest hospitality - but needs a little extra local support. 

As your local partner, we're here to help. 

What is Peak Plus+?

The Peak Plus+ package was created specifically to offer more value to clients needing a little extra local help. By bundling our linen rental program, ongoing laundry services, inventory restocking, and 5-star turnover cleaning, we are able to create valuable efficiencies to make this the easiest and most streamlined turnover service for your vacation rental operation. 

What is Included in Plus+?

  • Complimentary Hotel-Grade Linen Rental (with off-site laundry)

  • Light Property Support

    • Monthly Property Audit

    • Vendor Coordination + Dispatching 

    • Discounted Trip Charges 

  • Optional Plus+ Buy-Ups

    • Guest Supplies, Amenities, and Welcome Baskets *

    • Exterior Maintenance Package *

* Optional: Billed monthly, based on usage/number of guest check-outs

Linen Rental

Managing linens and laundry for a vacation rental can be such a headache! On average, it costs owners ~$400 up front for multiple sheet sets to accommodate guests. And what happens when these items get torn or stained? 

Not to mention, handling all that laundry in your personal machines means more wear-and-tear and higher water bills. Let's face it - you're not a hotel. And you shouldn't have to operate like one!


Fortunately, we CAN provide that hotel quality service. Our Linen Rental Program is set up so that you as the owner NEVER have to purchase, replace, stock, or even think about linens for your guests. Linens include high-quality hotel-grade 2x flat sheets, 1x fitted sheet, 2-4x pillow cases.


So how does it work?

During turnover service, we bring our freshly laundered Peak-owned linens and make your home guest-ready. We then take the dirty laundry from the previous guests with us and handle it off-site. This also means we can get the job done quicker with no laundry wait-time at your property - perfect for same-day turnovers!

The best part? The Linen Rental Program is included as part of Peak Plus+ and is just one of many benefits included in a flat monthly price. 

Light Property Support

Monthly Property Audit:

During each audit, we complete an in-depth check of the home and also check for general maintenance items such as: air filters, lightbulbs, smoke detector batteries, repair items needed, overall home readiness (are any additional services needed?), inventory check (any items to refill?)

Vendor Coordination + Dispatching:

If anything at your property needs repair and a vendor is needed, Peak can coordinate the repair on your belahf through our preferred vendors. Peak will always notify the homeowner before dispatching a vendor. If the homeowner approves Peak to coordinate the repair, we will handle scheduling, dispatching, and payment to third-party vendors. Peak will include this as an additional charge to the homeowner. 

Discounted Trip Charges:

A "trip charge" refers to an amount billed due to Peak being asked to do something at the home outside of a regularly scheduled service. We can help ship out guest items left behind, meet a handyman or delivery service, or even pick up the owner's mail / packages. For regular Peak Cleaning customers, this trip charge is $75/hour with a 1 hour minimum. For Peak Plus+ customers, this trip charge is discounted to $50/hour!

*Only available during regular business hours (8am-5pm)

Optional Plus+ Buy-Ups

Guest Supplies, Amenities, and Welcome Baskets: 

In addition to turnover laundry, we know managing and restocking inventory can be a hassle. As a Peak Plus+ client, you have the option to add-on a supply package. 

We ensure these items are always fully-stocked for guests - and when it's time to reorder and replenish, we take care of that too. The cost for these items is billed monthly - based entirely on the usage in your home.

Supply package options range from basic consumables to premium welcome baskets.

If you choose for Peak to handle purchasing and restocking guest amenities/supplies, the 3 package options are as follows:

  • Economy - toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, dish soap, dishwasher pods, laundry pods, oxi-clean pods, trash bags, sponges

  • Business Class - everything from Economy + coffee pods, creamer pods, tea assortment, sugar packets

  • First Class - everything from Business Class + snack assortment, wine, welcome basket

Peak will drop off an initial supply stock, and then restock items during the monthly audit as needed. The customer will be billed monthly based on guest-usage of these supplies. If the customer does not opt into a supply package, Peak will simply use the customer's supplies and let the customer know when any items are running low and need to be re-ordered.

Exterior Maintenance Package:

The Exterior Maintenance Package was created to offer additional support for homes needing exterior maintenance outside of the scope of our turnover cleaning service. Our cleaning teams are not equipped to fulfill these requests, therefore this service package is offered for additional support, per turnover, when needed. This package is billed at an additional $99/service

  • Leaf blowing patio / other exterior areas

  • Refilling propane

  • Moving / staging outdoor furniture / yard games

  • Hosing down furniture / games / pool floaties / etc.

What does Plus+ cost?

We don't require any contracts but look forward to a long-term partnership together!


Plus+ is set up as a flat monthly fee of $149 per month. 

As a reminder, this monthly fee eliminates the need for you to purchase and maintain linens or deal with laundry - and it allows us to step in and help with our "light local support" - monthly property audits, taking care of consumable supplies, repair coordination  - all of these, plus+ more, are available to you as a Plus+ client!

*Turnover cleaning services are priced per turnover and charged separately. Guest amenities, welcome baskets, and exterior maintenance package are optional and billed monthly based on usage. 

How can I sign up for Plus+?

Click here to request a call with our team: Peak Plus+ Call

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