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Bloomberg Business + Peak Cleaning -- Businesses Transformed by Covid-19 Plan to Keep the Changes

Peak Cleaning Service had the exciting opportunity to be interviewed by Bloomberg Business to discuss the impact of Coronavirus on small businesses. All in all, we summarized that the changes coming as a result of Covid-19 are here to stay.

  • More than 50% of companies use personal protective equipment

  • ‘I think we’ll be more prepared if this happens again’


Some companies, such as Peak Cleaning Service in Scottsdale, Arizona, reckoned that changing their marketing approach might help offset declines. Peak lost almost half its customers -- vacation rentals -- when virus concerns caused travel to dry up.

In just one day, “that piece of our business practically went down to zero,” said Patryk Gawlak, who co-owns the business with his mother, Dorothy.

Peak emphasized in its advertising that a deep cleaning of residences could help kill virus germs. “But there was a bigger concern to not have people outside of immediate family in and out of the house,” Gawlak said.

To quell safety worries, Peak changed some of its operating practices to avoid cross-contamination, including using different cleaning equipment for each house.

The company also switched to more hospital-grade cleaning products and started screening to make sure employees aren’t going into homes with sick people.

Now business is coming back, Gawlak said.


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