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How to Reduce Dust at Home

To dust or not to dust, that is not a question at all when it comes to keeping your home clean and free from any air pollutant.

Nobody would want a dirty or dusty household, right? It is a cleaning task necessary to make your home look clean and presentable. Also breathing in clean air helps in improving your health particularly if you have family members who suffer from allergies.

Where does dust come from you might ask?

Dust is made of fine particles of solid matter. Dust in homes is compose of about 50% dead skin cells, small amounts of plant pollen, human and animal hairs, textile fibers, paper fibers, minerals from outdoor soil and other material which maybe found in the local environment.

That being said, let’s review several tips on how to reduce dust at home:

1. Get rid of dust collectors

Getting rid of things that collect dust will enormously lessen your job. These are maybe unused frames, figurines, books and unattended toys. These are just small items but reducing your collections of unused items would greatly reduce the amount of dust and time you need to spend in cleaning.

2. Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum

Regular vacuuming in your home can dramatically lessen the amount of dust. The right choice of vacuum is also another factor to consider. The stronger the suction, the more dust and particles it could pick up and remove. This will serve as your best ally in the war against dust.

It is also noteworthy to use a vacuum with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter to effectively trap particles as small as .3 micron large.

To give you a better perspective, a strand of human hair is 50-70 microns, therefore .3 micron is 150-200 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. See chart below for comparison.

3. Washing bed sheets more often

It is highly recommended to wash sheets once a week and washing the comforter and blankets monthly. These materials collects skin particles and dust in due time. Frequent washing can also help in easing the amount of dust roaming around your home.

4. Cleaning Method

This isn't rocket science - but we swear there's a science to it :)

When doing your household cleaning, take a few minutes to observe and create a strategy on your mind on where and how to start your cleaning activity. It will be helpful to start from top to bottom the vacuum and sweep the floor afterwards.

5. Pets

Pets are significant part of our family. They are not just pet but we treat them as a family member. This means we should take care of our furry friends as they also produce dead skin cells and dead hair. Grooming them regularly keep the dead skin and hair from accumulating.

These tips are just simple way of keeping the dust out or minimize in your home. Breathe in and breathe out. Just relax!

If the task is too much for you, just give us a call and we'd be happy to help! Peak Cleaning Service is a highly rated professional cleaning service in Scottsdale, Arizona. We specialize in routine residential cleaning at a schedule that fits your life.

Don't take our word for it - look what our customers have to say :)

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