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The Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Rental Property

For owners of rental property, saving costs is a big issue. Sometimes, owners are so motivated to save that they resort to doing most of the tasks by themselves. When they do this, landlords are only focused on the monetary costs of a task and overlooking the dangers of their DIY approach.

Should you, as a property owner, dedicate time to cleaning a rental property by yourself? Or should you give that time to more important aspects of your business and hire someone else to clean the property? 

Think about which is easier: to hire someone to clean property or to hire someone to grow your rental business? The latter is harder in this case, meaning to grow your own business is a more critical function than cleaning your property.

In this post, Paramount Management & Realty explains why cleaning your rental property by yourself is not the best use of your time. We show you how it can impact the long-term growth of a property, as well as why hiring a professional cleaning company is not an expense, but an investment.

Offers Long-Term Cost Savings

Landlords undertake the cleaning of a rental themselves or hire an amateur to do it because they think it saves them money. Yet what happens is that they save some money on cleaning costs, but lose far more in future wear and tear. This is because dust and deeply ingrained dirt accelerate the depreciation of a property. 

Amateur cleaners leave a property with dirt lingering on surfaces and in corners. This is why things like carpets wear out before the end of their useful life. Hiring a professional cleaner is how landlords truly save money.

Helps Landlords Avoid Legal Disputes

A substantial part of the lease agreement is dedicated to the cleanliness of the property. Amateur and DIY cleaners often do not understand the standards stipulated in these agreements or how to clean a rental to meet them. 

As a result, they leave loopholes that tenants can exploit to claim that a landlord did not meet the terms of an agreement. Professional cleaners, on the other hand, can exceed the standards of a lease agreement and protect the owner's interests.

Eliminates Ambiguity

What does clean mean? Let two people clean a room at different times and you will get a different result for each. One person's opinion of what it means for the room to be clean differs from another. 

Therefore, landlords can never know what to expect when they hire amateur cleaners. Only a professional cleaner has a fixed and objective definition of what clean is. This is because they work according to guidelines set by a professional body, rather than their personal preferences. 

Provides Higher Quality Cleaning

In every property, some corners and crevices are hard to reach. These are places where dirt likes to hide and odors originate. An amateur or DIY cleaner may not know of the existence of such places, ergo not knowing how to clean them. 

Professional cleaners not only look for those places, but they have the tools and know-how to clean them. The professional employs a systematic approach to cleaning a property that ensures there are no missed spots or improperly cleaned areas.

Uses Specialized Tools and Equipment

Hiring an untrained cleaner can damage a property. Most homes have surfaces and materials of varying finishes and each requires a different cleaning method. All surfaces, materials and fabrics do not respond in the same way to cleaning chemicals and methods. 

Taking the wrong approach to cleaning a part of the property can damage it. Professional cleaners understand how to customize their approach to the specific needs of the space they are cleaning.

Make the Most Use of Your Time

A professional cleaning service offers landlords the ability to effectively plan their time. This is because house cleaning is a demanding job which is rarely completed in the time a landlord allocates for it. When amateurs clean a property, there is the inevitable spillover beyond the scheduled time. 

Moreover, landlords cannot confidently predict when the property will be ready for showing. This costs owners in lost opportunities. Additionally, professional cleaners do not need supervision; landlords can go on with their business, knowing a property will be cleaned to specification.

Finally, what landlords dedicate the time to, they become better at. Since owners want to be property investors and not professional cleaners, it makes sense for them to focus on marketing and growing their rental business.

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