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Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

Over the years our Scottsdale Cleaning Experts have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the fastest and most effective ways to clean a home. Here are some tips that might help you get your home in guest-ready shape for Thanksgiving:

  • Minimize the kitchen clutter: You will have enough going on in there without all those extra knick-knacks and decorating accessories taking up valuable space. Do a clean sweep before the turkey cooking begins, and temporarily remove anything that is not crucial to getting the job done.

  • Get the refrigerator ready: You will be putting a lot of leftovers in your refrigerator, so make sure there is plenty of room. Go through it now and get rid of anything that is old or questionable.

  • Line everything: Line whatever pots and pans you can with aluminum foil to lessen the amount of clean-up required after cooking. Cook your turkey in one of the large disposable bags that can be tossed out afterwards. Double line your kitchen garbage containers so there is no leakage and bags won’t tear.

  • Concentrate on company areas: If you are pressed for time, your whole house doesn’t need to be company-ready. Concentrate on the areas your guests will see first, and do the rest as best you can.

  • Clean as you go: Don’t accumulate the cleaning work for after dinner. Try to wash dishes or run the dishwasher as you are working on the meal. Keep the counters clean and wipe up any floor spills immediately. Anything that dries on will only make your life harder later.

  • Quick dish clean-up: Have a scraping and soaking area away from the main cooking area where helpful guests can do some of the preliminary dish cleaning tasks. Soak all pots and pans with cooked-on food in a mixture of warm water and dish detergent. You can even use a tote, clean garbage can or cooler as a soaking area for larger items.

  • Minimize distractions: Make a list of what needs to be done and concentrate only on that. Don’t let yourself get sidetracked. Don’t move things individually from room to room. Put them in a nearby box and redistribute when you have time.

If you need an extra set of hands, before or after, call Peak Cleaning and let us help get your house ready for Thanksgiving or ask about our after party cleaning services to make the job even easier and faster for you!

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