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Peak Cleaning Service work agreement for employees and contractors.


By applying for and accepting work through Peak Cleaning Service LLC, you and / or your company hereby referred to as “the Contractor” are agreeing to all the terms set forth in this agreement.

By using this website, it’s counterparts and checking the “I Agree” button the Contractor is acknowledging that:

  1. The Contractor is an independent contractor and 100% responsible for their own equipment, insurance, vehicles, taxes and any other business expenses which the Contractor may incur.

  2. The Contractor has read the entirety of this document and agreed to it’s contents.

Peak Cleaning Service LLC may cease to provide jobs and/or work to the Contractor at any time for any reason with or without warning if there is any breach of this contract, negative feedback or any other reason Peak Cleaning Service sees fit to discontinue work with the contractor.

Peak Cleaning Service LLC’s work agreement is subject to change. It’s the responsibility or the Contractor to keep up with changes to the terms of this agreement.



The Contractor is required to have the following to complete each job successfully. Peak Cleaning Service may work with the contractor to help meet these requirements. Doing so will in no way qualify the Contractor as a Peak Cleaning Service employee.

A Contractor who fails to meet these requirements will cease to receive new work until these requirements are met.

The Contractor is required to have:

  1. Daily access to an Internet connection

  2. Reliable vehicle and or transportation to and from job sites

  3. General liability insurance including incidental of up to 1 million dollars of coverage to cover any damage or misplaced goods at a job site

  4. Their own cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies include:

    • Broom and flat mop for sweeping

    • Mop (string) and bucket for washing floors

    • Vacuum cleaner with extended attachments

    • Cleaning Rags

    • Microfiber Towels (multiple colors for diff areas of home)

    • Paper Towels

    • Ceiling fan duster that reaches at least 12 feet

    • Dusters

    • Glass cleaner

    • Granite cleaner

    • Stainless steel cleaner/polish

    • Tub and shower cleaner

    • Stovetop cleaner

    • General disinfectant

    • All-purpose cleaner 

Contractors can set their own availability when working with Peak Cleaning Service. However, if the Contractor has marked themselves as available the Contractor is required to show up to the agreed upon location at the agreed upon time. A failure to do so without advance warning may result in no longer being eligible to receive jobs from Peak Cleaning Service.


Insurance & Liability

The Contractor is liable for anything which may happen on a job including refunds, cost of re-cleaning or damages / breakages which may happened on the job. This could include damage to the Contractors equipment, supplies or persons and / or damage to the clients equipment, supplies, home/residence/business or persons.

The Contractor is required to purchase and maintain general liability insurance to continue receiving jobs from Peak Cleaning Service LLC.



Compensation is based on a pre-set revenue split. This split is reflective of revenue Peak Cleaning Service LLC sees from jobs the Contractor has performed services for. The total split is subject to performance and internal review which may result in an increase or decrease in the percentage shared. Compensation will be paid no sooner than 1 week after a job has been completed and signed off by the customer.

If a refund is issued and/or a re-cleaning is required the Contractor may not receive any compensation for the work performed. Peak Cleaning Service LLC will only pay for jobs that were completed successfully.


Equal Partners

If for any reason the end client (recipient of the service) isn’t happy or if a refund is given, whether that be due to poor performance, lack of quality, dishonesty, being late to an appointment and/or any unforeseen reasons Peak Cleaning Service is not obligated to pay the Contractor for any services rendered.

In case of termination, Peak Cleaning Service will only deliver a final payment for services rendered that resulted in a positive cash flow. If services resulted in any lost of business and / or refund to the end client (recipient of the service) the Contractor may or may not be paid for those services. Any payment given would be a show of good will on Peak Cleaning Service’s part.

If Peak Cleaning Service issues a refund for any service/s rendered by the Contractor for any reason the Contractor won’t be entitled to payment for those services. Any payment given at that time will be considered a good faith bonus.

In summary, if Peak Cleaning Service doesn’t get paid, neither does the Contractor. Peak Cleaning Service and the Contractor are equal partners who share in both profits and losses.


Jobs and Customers

Peak Cleaning Service LLC owns all rights to client information including name, address, phone number, email address, photographs taken of the client’s property, any keys to a client’s property and the relationship with the client.


Solicitation to the client is strictly forbidden. Solicitation could include: asking for additional tips, asking the client to pay via cash or check for the service without being asked to or contacting the client after a service has been rendered for additional services, even if those services are unrelated to services Peak Cleaning Service offers.  In short, Peak Cleaning Service LLC owns 100% of the clients and client relationships and all business related to them.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Peak Cleaning Service is a drug and alcohol-free workplace. The use of or being under the influence of illegal drugs and/or alcohol is inconsistent with the behavior expected of contractors and employees.


The use, possession, distribution or sale of controlled substances such as drugs or alcohol, being under the influence of controlled substances (drugs and alcohol) is strictly prohibited while on duty, on company premises, at any Peak Cleaning Service worksite or while operating Company equipment or vehicles.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Review COVID-19 guidelines shared with customers: link

I Accept
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